Family Members of Salt City Church...

Celebrate together as a church family on Sundays because Jesus is amazing.
Connect with one another throughout the week in Connection Group because they believe we were created by God for community.
Contribute their time, talents, and treasures because they believe one of the greatest joys in the Christian life is to give. 

We would love to have you join our family.
Here's how!

  • Attend Family Member 101
    This is a short class held quarterly designed to present the vision and values of Salt City for those who are interested in joining our church family.

    Click here to register for the next class.

  • Fill out an application
    Click here for a link to the application

  •  Meet with a leader of Salt City
    This is the last step and will take place after you have completed the application and Family Member 101 class.

If you have more questions about membership or how to become a member, please feel free to reach out.